Earn & Use Points

Earn Points Every Time You Shop

Shopping at any of Kalpana Stores will now fetch you points in your m-card. All your bills will automatically add points in your m-card, which can later be used to avail offers and discounts on your next purchases.

As you begin shopping and your bills are within a range of Rs. 0 –24,999, you are identified as a New Member at the Kalpana Rewards Klub. With your bills in the range of Rs. 25,000 –100,000, you become a Premium Member and earn 3 points on every Rs. 100 spent. You become a Gold Member, with bills of Rs.100,001  –200,000 in your name. Gold members earn 4% of their billing amount, i.e. you earn 4 points on spending Rs. 100. Once you reach the limit of Rs. 200,001, you become a Platinum Member and till you bills reach Rs. 10,000,000, you keep earning 5% of your bill amount as points.

Kalpana Rewards Klub
S.NoSlab NameSlab Min. ValueSlab Max. ValueSlab Disc
1New Member 024,9990%
2Premium Member 25,000100,0003%
3Gold Member 100,0012000004%
3Platinum Member 200,001 10,000,0005%
Choose your Rewards

The points you earn keep getting accumulated in your account with every bill that adds on your name. Every point in your m-card is equal to a rupee. You can redeem your points for an equal amount of discount from your next bill. There is no minimum requirement to redeem your points. You may redeem 100 points and you may get Rs. 100 off on your next bill. You also have an option of saving your points and avail them for a higher discount later on. The choice is yours!!

Thus, your shopping is also going to be adding money to your wallet. Only the terminology is different, points are your money and m-card is your wallet here.
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